RestoreSure Laptop Backup - Automatic Remote File Protection

RestoreSure Laptop BackupRestoreSure enables you to implement world-wide, secure and automatic corporate Windows laptop backup using your own backup servers or cloud systems.

Using RestoreSure you can:

  • Backup remote or in-field laptops over Internet, WAN or VPN links
  • Backup laptops connected to the corporate network (LAN)
  • Backup directly into your company datacenter or cloud

RestoreSure runs silently on each client computer, providing automatic, near real-time file backup as and when data changes.

Data is both compressed and securely transmitted over encrypted SSL network links.

RestoreSure also allows standard users to restore file versions directly from within Windows File Explorer, saving time-consuming and expensive calls to your IT helpdesk.

With no users to configure, RestoreSure is simple to deploy company-wide.

Download RestoreSure for FREE and start protecting your roaming company data now!