What is RestoreSure?

RestoreSure is a fast, efficient and secure disk-to-disk enterprise backup system for Windows laptops, desktops, file servers and Android devices.

Where does RestoreSure store backed-up data?

RestoreSure can backup to:

  • Your company's datacenter using existing infrastructure or virtualized servers
  • LAN-based workgroup or domain servers. 
  • Your company's private or public Cloud servers

Can I use a mixture of Cloud, private WAN and LAN-based backup repositories?

Yes, you can deploy a mixture of backup repositories, with some located in the Cloud and others located on the internal company network or datacenter.

How much data can I store in my own datacenters or the cloud?

There is no limit to the amount of data or number of backup servers you can deploy in your organisation as RestoreSure Backup Servers are not licensed (licensing applies only to client computers such as laptops, desktops and file servers).

Can RestoreSure protect my laptops 'in-the-field'?

Yes, RestoreSure backs-up data across standard TCP connections using SSL to encrypt all communications.  All RestoreSure needs is an active Internet connection to continuously protect data on out-of-office computers.

Does RestoreSure support 'block' or 'byte-level' backup (data deduplication)?

Yes, RestoreSure only backs up the parts of files that change, not the whole file.  This ensures that bandwidth usage is kept to a minimum, especially important when backing up to off-site or Cloud repositories.

Can RestoreSure backup open files?

Yes, RestoreSure uses Windows VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to backup open files allowing the creation of true snapshot-in-time backups.

Can my standard network users restore data themselves?

Yes, standard users can securely browse, preview and restore previous file versions direct from their desktop without IT department intervention (never receive a request to restore a lost file again!). RestoreSure ensures that users can only restore data they have access to by using original NT file permissions.

How does RestoreSure know when to backup data?

RestoreSure backs-up data in 3 different ways:

  • Scheduled, daily backup
  • Real-time 'continuous' backup (silently, as and when files change)
  • On-Demand from the desktop (user requested)

RestoreSure can be configured to monitor folders and files in 'real-time', backing up data when changes are detected.  This effectively closes the window that exists with systems employing only pre-configured daily backup jobs.

Do I need to configure specific user accounts when deploying RestoreSure?

No, RestoreSure operates at a machine level requiring no specific user administration or setup.  Just install the light-weight backup agent and go!

Can I manage RestoreSure centrally?

Yes. Using RestoreSure Explorer, network administrators can remotely manage policy for all client and server computers from within a single application.  RestoreSure Explorer also allows data to be restored regardless of where each backup repository exists (e.g. in the Cloud, on local servers etc).

How do I manage each backup repository?

RestoreSure backup servers automatically manage each data repository, requiring no day-to-day intervention from network administrators.  Verification of data within each repository is performed silently and continuously, ensuring backup volumes remain healthy and 100% available.

Can I monitor my RestoreSure network online?

Yes, RestoreSure subscription packages include access to a suite of online monitoring tools, providing administrators with a comprehensive set of automated health and reporting services.